Our Products

Cat.No.: 44-101
CAS No.: 80049-61-2
Molecular Formula: C11H14F6N3PRu
Chemical Formula: C5H5Ru(CH3CN)3+PF6-
Cat.No.: 44-103
CAS No.: 37366-09-9
Molecular Formula: C12H12Ru2Cl4
Chemical Formula: [C6H6RuCl2]2
Cat.No.: 44-104
CAS No.: 14898-67-0
Molecular Formula: Cl3H2ORu
Chemical Formula: RuCl3∙H2O
Cat.No.: 44-105
CAS No.: 52462-29-0
Molecular Formula: C20H28Cl4Ru2
Chemical Formula: [(C10H14)RuCl2]2
Cat.No.: 44-106
CAS No.: 172222-30-9
Molecular Formula: C43H72Cl2P2Ru
Chemical Formula: (C7H6)(C18H33P)2RuCl2
Cat.No.: 44-107
CAS No.: 15529-49-4
Molecular Formula: C54H45Cl2P3Ru
Chemical Formula: [(C6H5)3P]3RuCl2


About Ruthenotope

RUTHENOTOPE is a Belgrade-based company founded in August of 2017, whose main objectives are chemical research and manufacturing of ruthenium-based products. Our goal is to redefine conventional manufacturing ways for ruthenium compounds by implementing new synthetic methods and techniques as well as many years of our scientific experience in chemistry research. We wish ruthenium chemistry to become more accessible for all areas of its application – in science, industry, medicine – and we constantly work towards expanding our product list.