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Cat.No.: 44-101
CAS No.: 80049-61-2
Molecular Formula: C11H14F6N3PRu
Chemical Formula: C5H5Ru(CH3CN)3+PF6-
Cat.No.: 44-102
CAS No.: 72812-91-0
Molecular Formula: C11H11F6PRu
Chemical Formula: C5H5RuC6H6+PF6-
Cat.No.: 44-103
CAS No.: 37366-09-9
Molecular Formula: C12H12Ru2Cl4
Chemical Formula: [C6H6RuCl2]2
Cat.No.: 44-104
CAS No.: 14898-67-0
Molecular Formula: Cl3H2ORu
Chemical Formula: RuCl3∙H2O
Cat.No.: 44-105
CAS No.: 52462-29-0
Molecular Formula: C20H28Cl4Ru2
Chemical Formula: [(C10H14)RuCl2]2
Cat.No.: 44-106
CAS No.: 172222-30-9
Molecular Formula: C43H72Cl2P2Ru
Chemical Formula: (C7H6)(C18H33P)2RuCl2
Cat.No.: 44-107
CAS No.: 15529-49-4
Molecular Formula: C54H45Cl2P3Ru
Chemical Formula: [(C6H5)3P]3RuCl2
Cat.No.: 44-108
CAS No.: 15746-57-3
Molecular Formula: C20H16Cl2N4Ru·2H2O
Chemical Formula: RuCl2(C10H8N2)2·2H2O
Cat.No.: 44-109
CAS No.: 16971-33-8
Molecular Formula: C55H46ClOP3Ru
Chemical Formula: [(C6H5)3P]3Ru(CO)(Cl)H
Cat.No.: 44-110
CAS No.: 1287-13-4
Molecular Formula: C10H10Ru
Chemical Formula: (C5H5)2Ru
Cat.No.: 44-111
CAS No.: 32993-05-8
Molecular Formula: C41H35ClP2Ru
Chemical Formula: RuCl[(C6H5)3P)]2(C5H5)
Cat.No.: 44-112
CAS No.: 60804-74-2
Molecular Formula: C30H24F12N6P2Ru
Chemical Formula: Ru[C10H8N2]3(PF6)2
Cat.No.: 44-113
CAS No.: 50982-12-2
Molecular Formula: C8H12Cl2Ru
Chemical Formula: C8H12RuCl2
Cat.No.: 44-114
CAS No.: 22594-69-0
Molecular Formula: C6Cl4O6Ru2
Chemical Formula: [Ru(CO)3Cl2]2
Cat.No.: 44-115
CAS No.: 25360-32-1
Molecular Formula: C55H47OP3Ru
Chemical Formula: [(C6H5)3P]3Ru(CO)H2

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